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Walk With Them consults with churches, colleges and universities, camps, and other faith-based organizations.  We are available to get you started on an internal review process; we can provide self-evaluative questions to help you think through current policies and practices; we can give feedback on the language used in written policies and/or publications; we can consult on any current issue related to sexuality and/or gender that has arisen within your organization.

Review of Practices

Training & Education

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We can help you evaluate your organization's sexuality and gender practices and policies as they relate to language, leadership decisions, ministry service, membership and youth education, taking into consideration your specific doctrinal perspectives.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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We can provide resources at workshops, retreats, conferences, and in employee trainings. Topics include:  Core Christian Values Related to Sex; Parenting Around Sexuality and Gender Issues; Helping Youth Groups Develop Space for Sex and Gender-Questioning Teens; and Serving and Loving the LGBTQ+ People Around You.

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