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Working with parents is central to our mission and our greatest passion.  It was God's idea to put people into families, and He intends for the family to be a source of covenant relationship that enhances the growth of each of its members. It is a workshop for discipleship and transformation. And, except under the most extreme circumstances, we believe it is a covenant relationship meant to tie us together for life.  We can help you find ways to seek connection with one another, even across significant differences.  Some families will be able to create many threads of connection with each other; some might be able to create only a few. But we believe looking for ways to maintain at least some bond is important for the health and well-being of both parents and children. 

A Message for Parents

Mother and Son
Family Picnic
Large Family

If you are a Christian parent who remains convinced that the traditional sexual ethic that the church has endorsed for centuries is still correct, and that there is an inherent goodness in God's decision to create us as male or female, but you find yourself in the position of navigating a relationship with a child who has come out somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum....we are here for you.  We recognize that you have needs too when it comes to finding your way, in what might be an unexpected and new reality. No doubt your child has important feelings and experiences that need to be heard and addressed. But so do you - the parent.  And in our experience it has not been easy for parents to find safe places to address their own feelings in a space just for them. We know parents can experience confusion, fear, grief, anger, a feeling of abandonment in their relationship with God, as well as a shifting of peer and church relationships that have been important to them.  We will support you as you process your own emotions, which will help keep some of the intensity of what you are feeling out of your relationship with your child. 


We are also here to help you think through how you want to navigate some of the conversations and decisions that lie ahead in your relationship with your child.  There are few cookie-cutter responses. But there are some ways of responding that we have found to be more helpful than others. We will help you seek solutions that lead toward mature, honest relationships of integrity for both parent and child, and solutions that we hope will minimize disruption and hurt, broken relationships.

Email us to request a 45 minute complimentary conversation, and learn about our ongoing coaching services. 

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